Thursday, 18 July 2013

C.S. Lewis: Thoughts on Prayer

Having read numerous books from C.S. Lewis, it was a pleasure for me to actually hear him speak, accompanied by his delightful British accent.  This recording was heard on BBC radio during the War years and, along with numerous others, was formative in the making of his book "Mere Christianity".  Sadly, this is the only recording that survived.

In this particular talk, Lewis addresses a perplexing question that most of us have likely wrestled with:  How is God able to hear MY prayer when millions of people around the world are praying to Him at the same time?

Lewis says this:
"Almost certainly God is not in time.  His life doesn't consist of moments following one another.  If a million people are praying to Him at 10:30 tonight, He doesn't have to listen to them all in that one little snippit of time we call "10:30".  "10:30", and every other moment from the beginning to the end of the world, is always the present for Him.  If you like to put it this way, He has infinity to listen to the split second of prayer."

He goes on to say this, "The point I want to drive home is that God has infinite attention, and infinite measure to spare, for each one of us.  He doesn't have to take us in a line.  You are as much alone with Him as if you were the only thing He created."

Now that's the encouragement I need to keep on praying!!!

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