Thursday, 20 June 2013

Gender-cide: Why are 200 million girls missing?

The three deadliest words in the world:  "It's a Girl"

Film-maker, Evan Grae Davis, has dedicated his career to advocating for social justice and is the man behind the camera in the gendercide documentary, "It's A Girl."  In this TEDx talk, Davis describes Gendercide as "the deliberate destruction of a gender group" and "the direct result of a strong cultural preference for sons driven by centuries-old tradition that says that boys are more valuable than girls."

In India alone there are 5 million girls selectively aborted annually, the mortality rate is 75% higher for girls, and there are 107,000 dowry deaths of women/year.

In China alone (where male preference is combined with the 1 child policy) there are 37,000 more men than women and there are 1 million more boys than girls.
This severe gender imbalance has created an epidemic of sex trafficking and there have been 70,000 child bride kidnappings.

Here is a short preview trailer of what you can expect to see in the "It's a Girl" documentary:

Davis asks the question, "How do I respond to this?"

The thought that keeps reverberating on my own conscience is this: "The Church of Jesus Christ is called to be the hands and feet of Jesus, living out our lives as "good Samaritans" to this lost and broken world.  How will WE respond?"

Here are some of the powerful statements Davis brings to his packed audience as he follows up on his own question:

"It's those in authority who establish the standard of justice for every family, society, or nation."

"We as parents and grand parents are the ones who determine the generational patterns of behaviour that define the future."

"If we are ever going to see an end to this social evil of gendercide, it's going to require all of us to find a whole new way of thinking, to find a whole new way of education, to find a whole new way of defining and defending equality and justice."

"What might our role be in creating a new future for the girls in India and China?"

"Can we at least all agree to stand together against the devaluing of women in our cultures and become Culture Changers?"

"Would you consider lending your voice to the women of India and China who have no voice of their own?   Together we can make gendercide become a distant memory of the past."

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